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Drawing is the most important thing there is” Quentin Blake

My drawings aim to achieve a familiar feeling of ‘Flow’ similar to the sensations I achieve during my daily walks. They are re-visitations of the experience of the sub-conscious ‘calling- up’ feelings when I am drawing.  The airy, spacious nature of ‘objects’ floating and drifting purport to be this ‘remembrance’.  I want my audience to experience this absorbed, warm emotion when looking at my work.

My audience, I suggest,  are those who understand this method of attaining some form of release from day to day trivialities of our existence.  People who are not afraid to allow emotion and sensation to flow to an unknown result. To feelings which they are not in control of.

The light marks and juxtaposition of these versus dense blocks of colour describe how the mind ‘bounces’ from experience and thought during this ‘Flow’ period.

For my work the link to the countryside is organic, it provides the private sense of freedom unleashed by stepping out alone with only a vague plan; I use the same method when I make my drawings. Allowing one step to uncover the next. Mark making gives me the opportunity to approach the experience in the same way.